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Fostering Dialogue About Diversity





Who Benefits from Fireside Chats Sessions?

Fireside Chats are diversity discussions for individuals that provide an informal space where participants can engage in mindful and constructive conversations about the relevance and role of diversity in their daily lives. These provide a learning space to explore how identities can effect business, education, media, health, politics and religion.

Fireside Workshops are trainings for businesses, schools, and other organisations that need customised programs. Organisations are best served by a needs assessment approach. Each workshop will be made tailored to  organisational competencies and weaknesses. 

Each organisation will receive an assessment to determine what type of training will make them most productive. Second a contract will be created that insures all levels of management are included in the training. Third, a Standard Feedback Procedure will be designed and a contact person selected to make sure programs are held accountable.

Fireside Seminars are trainings for counsellors that provide a deep exploration of the pervasive influence diversity has on one’s own identity in the counselling dyad.

Diversity: The Key to Ethical and Effective Practice: In cooperation with ICC, an ABvC accredited seminar has been set up. The seminar explores the work: Understanding Race, Ethnicity, & Power by Elaine Pinderhughes. Students should order and purchase this item themselves. Delivery can take time so best to order this item at least a month in advance of the seminar. For dates and more information see the ICC website:

The sometimes “fiery” topics of diversity, multiculturalism, and identity are best broached in a warm, intimate, informal, yet informed manner. This website, the workshops offered, and the general mission of Fischer’s Fireside Chats is to get people talking about diversity. As people gain experience and knowledge about the positives of what diversity has to offer their lives become enriched.

Our Mission